Boss Cat Rocket Club Launch
  • 9,999 Boss Cats released for a mint price of 20 ADA.
Boss Cat Rocket Part Launch
  • 3,333 Rocket Parts released for a mint price of 35 ADA.
BCRP Rocket Assembly
  • Rocket Assembly starts on January 20th, 2022.
Boss Planet Real Estate Launch
  • First phase of Boss Planet District 1~6 released for a mint price of 60 ADA.
Boss Planet VOX Cats Launch
  • 9,999 Boss Planet VOX Cats airdropped to all BCRC holders.
Boss Cat Alien Club Launch
  • 3,000 Boss Cat Alien Club free claim for Top-1K BCRC and Full Rocket holders.

Post Launch: Phase 1

Boss Planet VOX Cats Airdrop (Q2 2022)

  • Each Boss Cat will be eligible to receive their one-of-one counterpart, which will allow players to roam around the Boss Planet Metaverse in the VOX avatar and earn special perks.

Boss Planet VOX Kong Airdrop (Q2 2022)

  • This is the first VOX collaboration with another blue chip Cardano NFT project, Chilled Kongs. Each Boss Cat will receive a raffle ticket to have a chance to win a Boss Planet VOX Kong NFT.

BCRC IRL Events (Q2-Present)

  • Boss Cat NFT holders are invited to attend live performance by BCRC Hall of Famer, Eric Bobo from Cypress Hill and legendary DJ/ Producer Hook n Sling.

Boss Cat Alien Club (Q3 2022)

  • Top-1K Boss Cat and Full Rockets NFT holders are airdropped the Tier-1 BCAC NFT of the BCRC Ecosystem. Boss Cat and Rocket Part holders are eligible to enter the raffle to win an BCAC.

BossPass (Q3 2022)

  • Connect your wallet to view all your BCRC NFTs and redeem their claimable BossCoin Tokens on BossPass.

BossCoin Token Drop (Q4 2022)

  • Each BCRC NFT have begun daily accumulation of BossCoin Token drop.

Post Launch: Phase 2

Beach Club Events

  • The BCRC is currently in partnership with several incredible Beach Clubs around the World, from Miami to Bali to Greece to Thailand and even the Philippines. Exclusive Beach Club events will be hosted throughout the year across the globe, for all BCRC members. The first scheduled BCRC Beach Club Event will be in Thailand, followed by Hawaii. Tentative dates are set for 2023.

BCRC Play & Earn Game

  • Assemble your rocket and launch yourself into our original P&E BCRC Game where endless rewards and earnings await. Full details to be announced in Q1, 2023. Keep an eye on our Discord Announcement and Game Channel for sneak peeks.

Social Club in Sandbox

  • All Boss Cat and Rocket Part holders will be able to access the BCRC Social Club where an incredible experience awaits. Private events, exclusive auctions, presentations, and giveaways, accessible only to BCRC / BCRP NFT owners.
  • Date TBA as Sandbox is in Alpha, we will continue to monitor its development and provide update to the community.

BCRC MetaGallery (TBA)

  • The grand opening of the BCRC MetaGallery. The gallery will host open submissions, the best of which will be voted on by the BCRC members only and auctioned off once a month at our private invite-only auction house.
  • The MetaGallery will be open to all BCRC NFT holders, with the highest profile auctions only accessible to our Fully Assembled Rocket Holders.

Post Launch: Phase 3 (TBA)