Boss Cat Rocket Club

To the moon, and beyond.

Boss Cat Rocket Club

To the moon, and beyond.

The Club

Founded by the member of the BAYC community, known as Blue Magic, BAYC Ape #4064, the Boss Cat Rocket Club is a finite supply of 9,999 algorithmically generated space bound cats living on the Cardano Blockchain.

With massively inflated gas fees now on Ethereum, the decision was made to launch on the emerging Cardano Blockchain where we believe our project will be far more accessible to everyone.

The Club

Founded by the member of the BAYC community, known as Blue Magic, BAYC Ape #4064, the Boss Cat Rocket Club is a finite supply of 9,999 algorithmically generated space bound cats living on the Cardano Blockchain.

With massively inflated gas fees now on Ethereum, the decision was made to launch on the emerging Cardano Blockchain where we believe our project will be far more accessible to everyone.


While the rarity of a BCRC can be derived from the uniqueness of their arbitrary traits, the true value of a BCRC is obviously entirely subjective and for its community to decide.

Boss Cat Rocket Club Policy ID:

Boss Planet Metaverse

The BCRC is focused on long term, sustainable community building with a proactive involvement in the booming metaverse movement. Our team of artists, programmers, game developers, NFT entrepreneurs and community managers, are all united with one common goal: to create a self-perpetuating, creatively driven, lucrative community that thrives on the collective engagement and ubiquitous proaction of its members.

Immerse yourself in a digital reality where the impossible becomes possible. Build and Create anything your heart desires, and experience limitless opportunity in your own new virtual universe. 129,600 distinct parcels of land for anyone to own.

Boss Planet
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VOX CATS is available exclusively to ALL Boss Cat Rocket Club holders! This group of elite Boss Cat members can enter the Boss Planet Metaverse with their one-of-one VOX counterpart.

Boss Planet Vox Cats Policy ID:

The BCRC Rocket

With a total of 3,333 rocket parts released, and only 1,111 fully assembled rockets, the BCRC Rocket is one of the most limited, exclusive NFTs on the Cardano Blockchain.

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Boss Cat Rocket Club Launch
  • 9,999 Boss Cats released for a mint price of 20 ADA.
  • SOLD OUT in 2 minutes!
Boss Cat Rocket Part Launch
  • 3,333 Rocket Parts released for a mint price of 35 ADA.
  • 1,000 Free Airdrop Raffle for all Boss Cat Holders
  • SOLD OUT during Whitelist Presale!
BCRP Rocket Assembly
  • January 20th, 2022
  • Holders with 3 matching Rocket Parts will be able to send them to an official Assembly Wallet to receive a Fully Assembled Rocket in return. There will only be 1,111 Fully Assembled BCRC Rockets in existence.

To celebrate a successful launch we will run a raffle and reward a lucky BCRC NFT holder 10,000 ADA. The prize draw will be conducted with Chainlink VRF, a provable random number oracle. The prize draw will be on-chain, transparent and verifiable by anyone. As long as you own a BCRC NFT on the day of the prize draw, you have the chance to win the big prize! Raffle date TBA.

Post Launch: Phase 1


Sandbox Space Center (Q2, 2022)

  • Construction has begun on the very first private Space Center and Launch Pad in Sandbox.
  • All Boss Cat and Rocket Part holders will be able to access the BCRC Space Center where an incredible experience awaits. Private events, exclusive auctions, presentations, and giveaways, accessible only to BCRC / BCRP NFT owners.

VIP Lounge

  • Fully Assembled Rocket Owners will be granted further exclusive access to the one and only VIP Lounge inside Sandbox Space Center.
  • Access the lounge for Top Level Insight and Early Access to future BCRC projects before they open up to the public, including our one-of-a-kind MetaGallery and very own game.

BCRC Play to Earn Game

  • Assemble your rocket and launch yourself into our original P2E BCRC Game where endless rewards and earnings await.
  • Full details and Early Access to be announced Q2, 2022.
  • Keep an eye on our Discord Announcement and Game Channel for sneak peeks!

BCRC MetaGallery (Q2, 2022)

  • The grand opening of the BCRC MetaGallery in Sandbox. The gallery will host open submissions, the best of which will be voted on by the BCRC members only and auctioned off once a month at our private invite-only auction house.
  • The MetaGallery will be open to all BCRC NFT holders, with the highest profile auctions only accessible to our Fully Assembled Rocket Holders.
  • Aside from supporting upcoming talent in the NFT space, a portion of the royalties from the sale will go back to the BCRC community.

Beach Club Events (Date TBA, Post Covid)

  • The BCRC is currently in partnership with several incredible Beach Clubs around the World, from Miami to Bali to Ibiza to Hawaii and even the Philippines.
  • Exclusive Beach Club events will be hosted through the year across the Globe, for all BCRC members.
  • The first scheduled BCRC Beach Club Event will be in Bali, followed by Hawaii. Tentative dates are set for Q4, 2022.

Phase 2 & Phase 3: TBA Soon


Blue Magic


Blockchain Entrepreneur and early investor of the BAYC #4064. Over 3 years experience in NFT marketplaces across multiple blockchains.

Game Developer

Game developer and pioneer of the metaverse experience.


Over 10 years experience working on Blockchain programming and development, and leading community expert in smart contract innovation.
Art Team


The BCRC Art Team consists of 6 skilled digital artists.

Head of Everything


Head of Strategy & Utility


Head of Design & Artwork


Head of Marketing & Community Relations


Bridge to Community & Creative Input


Community Content Management


Master of Coin



Is there a whitelist?

Yes. There will be a whitelist for members who have been active in our community and showed dedication to the project and future of the BCRC.

When & what is the First Mint

Our official launch date for the public mint will be on December 17, 2021 18:00 PST. The presale for whitelisted members takes place shortly prior to the public mint.

How many Boss Cats are there?

There is a finite supply of 9,999 Boss Cats.

Which wallets can I use to buy a BCRC?

You can purchase your BCRC during our pre-sale/public mint using a Cardano Shelley-Era Wallet such as CC Wallet, Nami, Daedalus, AdaLite, or Yoroi.

What is the mint price?

The mint price for a BCRC will be 20 ADA.

Does the Boss Cats have rarity?

Yes, the Boss Cats indeed will have rarity. Here’s the Rarity Guide and Ranking.

How can I get whitelisted?

Please join our Discord where the full details are provided. There are a number of different ways you can get whitelisted, so be sure to check it out and get involved!

How can I help the community grow?

As you must know, NFT projects thrive off a healthy community. By engaging with the team and each other on our discord, having proactive and supportive conversation goes a long way in a community. Invite your friends, get people excited about where this project is going, and talk cats in space!

How long have you been working on the project?

We started developing the concept and artwork roughly 9 months ago, and have been evolving it over time to eventually create the Boss Cat Rocket Club we are launching now.

Why Cardano?

We initially did plan to launch on Ethereum, but with the recent gas fees skyrocketing, we felt the need to find a way to make our project more accessible to everyone. Cardano is an up and coming Blockchain ecosystem which we have high hopes for the future. Opensea will soon support Cardano NFT trading, and smart contracts are nearly available as well. With gas fees being astronomically higher with Ethereum, we see it as only a matter of time before Cardano gains serious traction in the NFT space.

Is there a marketing team?

We do have a dedicated marketing team on board, led by our key Marketing Strategies and Social Media Head. As our community grows, so will our marketing team!

Will you maintain the floor price?

Absolutely. We will be buying back any NFT listed below the mint price.

What is the economic aspect of the project?

We are currently exploring the possibility of a community pool to finance possible projects both within our community and elsewhere. We are also very excited about our plans with the virtual gallery and exclusive auctions, a portion of which will go towards the community and these said projects.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions